In the universe it’s either grow or die. Life brings you to those moments of ultimate choice where two roads diverge. Either, you grow, you shut down part of yourself, you shut down someone else, or, you shut down life’s capacity to grow by shutting down eco systems.

Grow or die - Its your choice!



and Group Facilitations

We facilitate people and groups in experiential and dynamic process methodologies so they experience first hand how we partner and are partnered by life. They invite people into a deep listening Presence to life. How are we being invited to evolve? What is the future that wants to emerge? What is the genius that each person brings? Our processes shift people from working primarily from mind-based strategies into heart-based presence which enhances co-creative possibilities and individual happiness.

We host evolutionary conversations that help people engage in dialogues beyond ego, dialogues that surface collective wisdom and generate solutions to challenging problems.

Process methodologies create a deeper sense of self realisation, an appreciation that you’re on-mission with what your task in life is meant to be.

This results in more connected work spaces, where the whole team is taking responsibility for achieving goals, not just the boss. People are able to step beyond their conflicts- the things that stop them from optimal performance. They can be more effective in communicating and in forwarding common goals.

When you ask people about what it is like being part of a great team, what is most striking is the meaningfulness of the experience.

People talk about being part of something larger than themselves, of being connected, of being generative. Senge 1990

Our Specialities

Nature Dialogues. These dialogues could be as simple as investigating nature for biomimicry. Applying insight to technical problems: Investigating How Nature Solves that Problem? Applying insight to Team challenges: Exploring how systems and networks are critical to dynamic function.

It could be a more in-depth exploration of a conversation with the psycho-energic field, the field of inter-being, exploring how we are connected to the field through our psycho-emotional being. Using Jungian symbol work, or Presence based methodologies, we bring our questions to the natural world and we look, listen, attune to Nature's voice. We harvest insight for our individual and collective journeys.

Evolutionary COnversations. These conversations are designed in a way that has us experience ourselves as part of the emergent evolution of life. They follow some simple rules that facilitate reflexive sharing that taps insights beyond reactive impulses and egoic competition.

Ecosystem of the Self. This is generally conducted as a group dialogue. We look at the major structures of the personality system gaining understanding of our common humanity, the personas that run our lives, who the primary players are and why. We awaken to the field of potential players. People get a sense of just how dynamic the personality system is and can release the defensive "Well this is who I am" scenario that get in the way of creativity.


The Nature - Culture Project. This is a program that is designed to operate over an extended period of 6 months. 16 days (cumulative) of face to face workshops are interspersed throughout the 6 months. The goal is to support people to experience a natural shift to an ecological identity, to deepen their sense of how they are partnering, and being partnered by, life. Greater leadership and social action for sustainability is generated through the program.

Romancing the Shadow. Exploring how the parts of ourselves that are in the shadow become sources of conflict and are medicine for our evolution.

…until an understanding of the person is integrated with current environmental strategies, and until the environmental movement begins to tackle these aspects of identity and the social norms and structures that enable them, we fear that responses to the environmental crisis will remain inadequate.

Meeting Environmental Challenges: the role of human identity. WWF

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Caresse has helped my team to work more closely together with greater self-awareness and therefore more effectiveness. She introduced some creative processes which involved the team in a fun way while also accessing deeper aspects of each person and their potential growth areas.

Her extensive experience in both counselling and group training work enables her to go beyond the superficial and access the core changes needed for each person’s growth. She made everyone comfortable and quickly developed an atmosphere of trust and exploration in the team, also providing one to one follow up and proving herself more than well equipped to handle anything that surfaced as a result.

Her multifaceted skills in coaching, counselling and facilitation have proved invaluable, particularly in a conflict situation where she has just the right touch to encourage each person to take responsibility and be willing to work on their own learning edge. In this way she was able to create an environment where people were inspired to step up into greater collaboration.

Rafaele Joudry 2014

I’m confident in saying Caresse would be a real asset to organisations seeking to create positive change and enhance the effectiveness of teams by optimising each person’s unique contribution.                                                                                                                                                                             Rafaele Joudry  Founder and Director 

Leslie Hershberger  leslie
Enneagram and Team Development Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

What most impressed me about working with Caresse in developing a workshop was her clarity of purpose. I also valued her integrity in not only stating her intention for our workshop, but also in creating and implementing clear objectives and activities to be sure our participants understood the material and had an opportunity to work with it in meaningful ways.

Most importantly, Caresse loves to laugh! Our team collaboration was pure pleasure and this quality of intention, commitment and humor was passed along to our participants as evidenced in the feedback we received on the evaluations

“Achievement of complex sustainability outcomes is related to attainment of advanced leadership capacities’”

Leadership & the Corporate Sustainability Challenge’ Avastone Consulting