Nature Conversations

Join Us On A Journey...

I’m inviting you to take time out of time….to deepen your connection with Nature….to engage in a conversation, a conversation that life is holding with you for your own, and our collective evolution.

Be a part of a community of like hearted people, on different parts of the earth, simultaneously participating in a global event to deepen our connection to nature. Your solo journey in nature will be supported online by accomplished guide Dr. Caresse Cranwell.


"Communications are often on a symbolic level so we need to understand how to interpret the messages we’re receiving that give meaning to our lives.These messages are invitations life offers to us to grow; to evolve, to deepen our connections and realise more of our selves.” - Dr. Caresse Cranwell


We will come together online, across the earth to set our intent, step into connected heartH space, and deepen our skills on how to listen deeply to nature. We’ll be witnessed by a community of fellow travellers with whom we will be energetically connected as we take our solo journeys.


We’ll then move to the places where Nature is calling you to be, spend time there and reconvene at time’s end to share our stories, reflections and invitations. Caresse will spend the day in Open HeartH mediation to hold the energetic bonds between us.


Founder of ECOllaborations Dr. Caresse Cranwell;

Caresse is a trainer, counsellor, coach, Open Heart practitioner and spoken word artist. She holds a PhD in Eco-philosopy and Advanced Certificates in Transpersonal and Expressive therapies.

Monthly, Starting November 10

Contribution for the day: Sliding scale $50-$100 per person